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NIH, FDA, HHS, NIST,WRMC, Uniform Services + 
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    NIH, FDA, HHS, NIST,WRMC, Uniform Services
    Heavy Season inbound has started. 
    Inbound and Local call Samslist 202-370-6249 

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    Furnished room


    Furnished room  Furnished room  Furnished room  Furnished room  Furnished room  Furnished room  Furnished room  Furnished room  Furnished room  Furnished room  Furnished room          




    Greetings! We will a private, furnished room in our house opening on October 1.  However, we are flexible with dates, so if you are looking later or earlier, let us know.  Note: ~50/50 male/female ratio=&gt;there's a 3-month wait list to get into the house if you are a male, and a 0.5-1.5 month wait list if you are female.  <br><br>

    Location: Kensington, northeast of NIH. Complimentary AM rides to a metro stop north of NIH may be possible, but a 14-2 minute RideOn Route 34 also works. Nearest resturants (at mall’s Costco entrance) are a 7 minute walk away.

    The neighborhood is 12.44/1.73=7.2 times safer then DC and is even safer than Bethesda. Unless you want to live far from a metro stop, it’s also quieter here because most other metro stops are above ground. 

    Rent: $600/month. Month-to-month ensures everyone here likes it.  The deposit is only $100.  It can be taken off your last month’s rent provided you give 30 days notice.  Existing housemates have voting/veto rights, so, for instance if accepted you'd be able to reject someone wishing to live in the house that you had bad vibes about.  The way that works is that a candidate pays 1/4 of the $100, and if anyone vetoes within 24 hours it’s refunded.

    Room details: The room has a keyed lock, bed, desk, dresser, comfy chair, and a closet with an iron and ironing board. There’s wireless, but there’s also a wired connection because wireless isn’t as secure and can’t make full use of our fiber optic connection. The temperature is adjustable to your liking, with strong, floor-specific central air conditioning (AC) and heat. Everything not new in the room will be washed, including the pillows, and the mattress will be fully aired out. 

    The shared home theatre system with 5-channel surround sound gets HBO+, The Movie Channel, Showtime, Epix, STARZ, Sundance, FLIX, NFL RedZone, Cinemax, IFC, EPIX, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu as well as hundreds of other channels in HD via our fiber optic link. The example images attempts to show how to watch a movie, whenever you want, on the premium The Movie Channel network. 

    House details: This is a large house with a working fireplace, weight room, rec room with 65” HDTV with the on-demand movie libraries listed above. The kitchen has most of the gadgets you blissfully but mistakenly thought you’d use. Traditional chore rotation can cause tension between housemates, since cleanliness is subjective, especially when it is a “clean” person’s turn to do a “dirty” person’s prior chore. So, what we do is have the common areas cleaned regularly. Furthermore, all the dishes are also cleaned, sterilized, and put back each day. This is because common oral bacteria are linked to several types of cancers. See paragraph 2 of section 1 of this paper. There’s a deck, outdoor grill, hammock, greenhouse, and foresty area.

    The house air is filtered with two hospital-grade Merv 14 / MPR 2800 filters. We use these because some studies correlate air quality to brain health. Another benefit is avoiding allergy drugs. 

    House atmosphere: At our best, we're like the Friends TV show.   We have a game night and do stuff together when there’s time including some athletic events.

    If you might be interested, directly mail us at annmay5 at verizon dot net or call 3OI+933+3953. If you text to this number it will not usually get transmitted. All inquiries will still be answered or responded to within 12 hours, so if there is no response within 12 hours, try again, as we definitely did not get your message or you didn’t get our response. This is true even if it isn’t a good match.

    Thanks for reading our "TLDR" ad and best of luck in your housing search regardless!

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    Furnished room


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    Created Wed Aug 21 15:11:42 2019
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