About Samslist

Samslist is a very specialized rental listings site specifically opened up by invitation of the NIH and have a highly unique demographic with direct referrals and linking since 2012. (We are not Real Estate Mgmt or Agents).

We are specific to rental housing for Federal and Military employees and are directly linked/connected to several local area agencies. The NIH and WRMC being our core.

Samslist (did) replace the old NIH (fax your listing in ) system.

The people that use Samslist NIH Area Listings are both our -longtime trusted landlord base and local and global inbound of medical, researchers, scientists, PHD's , administrative and other top professionals (even the White House, Secret Service Personel, Bureaucrats & Media use us)...

Our syle is different, confidential when needed and we do help by phone when needed and not run a bunch of automated robots...

  • Need posting or listings assistance? Call us at (202) 370-6249.
  • We know the area Rental market "very" well.
  • Linked and recommended by several Federal Agencies. NIH and WRMC is our main.
  • We are open 7 days a week - holidays included.
  • We are expanding. If you are from an Agency, Military Base, University, School or Hospital, Special Events, give us a call and we can open up a listings-portal for you.

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